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Discover the value ePalm Solutions can bring to your business.

The ePalm

Discover the value ePalm Solutions can bring to your business.

In this revolutionary world, utilizing technology is becoming a crucial element to simplify the life of the human beings.

Traditional identification and authorization mechanism is going to be obsoleted in the near future as it’s demanding massive energy volumes, consuming the earth resources, pollute the environment, emissions, papers and plastic waste and accordingly it’s the right time to introduce our immersive and revolutionary identification solutions to save the earth and impact positively on the human livings.

Prema is introducing the ePalm Solutions as a unique and pioneer identification and processing method relying on the human inner palm veins biometric patterns to process any identification procedure and then initiate the related procedure or transaction instead of normal methods such as Cards or Credentials.

The ePalm is a complete, integrated and fully secured identification solution that allows users to execute any transaction, payment, or any procedure through scanning their Palm Veins, using advanced infrared biometric scanners that identify the customer using their unique veins’ patterns.

Prema is utilizing Fujitsu's hardware "F-Pro sensor" which captures more than 5 million points of interest for the inner palm veins in less than a second, where we detect blood circulation and temperature making sure that a living human is performing the identification. With False Acceptance Rate less than 1 in 100 million, certified by tens of Governmental entities. The newborn of this collaboration is recognized as the ePalm™

The ePalm devices are planned to become a complete Identification and Authentication solution which will be replacing the current method used in the Financial, Banking, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Transportation and hundreds of other industries. Processing transactions is also possible with the ePalm Payment Solutions, accordingly, this will apply a smooth process to move cash in a digital, secure, convenient, contactless, safe, hygienic and easy mechanism