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Discover the value ePalm Solutions can bring to your business.

ePalm Solutions

Discover the value ePalm Solutions can bring to your business.

Prema has developed the following solutions utilizing the ePalm Technology:

ePalm Governmental Solutions
A new era of identification using biometrics as the main digital National ID which entitle the Governments to provide the following services using the ePalm Technology and Solutions: eGov Payments, ID/Passport Verification, Customer Service Centers, Ports Access Control, eVisa Solution, Insurance, Vaccination, Medical, Residencies & Permits, Power Of Attorney Authorizations, Access Control, and ePalm Time Attendance.

ePalm Payment Solutions
A new Global Payment Scheme using Biometrics instead of cards!
A palm-vein biometric-based retail point of sale payment systems, whereby during a retail transaction, the direct or indirect debiting and crediting of funds from shoppers’ bank accounts to merchants’ bank accounts is processed by a bank utilizing the ePalm Payment Solutions.
The Following is the modules and suits part of the ePalm Payment:
a. Prema Mobile Device Management "PMDM"
b. Prema Authentication Server "PAS"
c. Prema Workflow Engine "PWE"
d. Prema Payment Suite
e. Prema ePalm Transact
f. Prema ePalm Transact Interface
g. Prema ePalm Settlement
h. ePalm APIs
i. ePalm API Drivers
j. ePalm Mobile APIs
k. ePalm Acquirer Management System
l. ePalm Merchants Management System
m. ePalm Customers Management System
n. ePalm Dispute Management System
o. ePalm Ads Management System
p. ePalm Issuing Financial Entities Management System – Multi Finance “NAT Switch”
q. ePalm Terminal Integration Packs
r. ePalm Merchants POS system
s. Prema ePalm KYC Interface
t. ePalm Enrollment System
u. ePalm ATM Interface

ePalm Banking Solutions
A new innovative, secure, convenient, and most reliable services empowering the banking businesses through hundreds of applications including:
v. EBS Retail Module
i. ePalm Teller Services
ii. ePalm Front Desk Services
iii. ePalm Queueing Module
iv. ePalm Digital Branches
w. EBS Corporate Module
i. ePalm Online Banking
ii. ePalm Accounts & Payments
iii. ePalm Trade Finance
x. EBS Cybersecurity Module
i. ePalm Single-Sign-On Module
ii. ePalm Core Banking Interfaces
y. EBS Banking Applications
i. ePalm Access Control Devices Solution
ii. ePalm Dispensing Machines’ Solution
iii. ePalm Corporate Tab Solutions
iv. ePalm Time Attendance Solution
v. ePalm Queuing Machines’ Solutions
vi. ePalm Monitoring & Evaluating Solution

ePalm Transportation Solutions
A new Global Transportation Scheme where passengers will be able to use the ePalm as the main identifier and payment processer while using the public transportation such as Taxes, Buses, Trains, Metros, Trams, Airlines, etc… Such a solution entitle the passenger to use their palm anywhere the ePalm Technology is available.

ePalm Time Attendance Solutions
The ePalm Time Attendance Solution brace the highest monitoring and controlling standards. A living employee should present, place their palm veins to prove their physical attendance. The ePalm Time Attendance Solution could be integrated with the entity HR management system.

ePalm Access Control Solutions
Tens of applications including:
User Access management.
Call Centers agents' access.
Access control for secure rooms.
Safety lockers.
Safety boxes.

Drawers are also managed using the ePalm technology, allowing safe access for the deposits and cash inside the drawer without the need to carry the keys.

ePalm Hospitality Solutions
A new innovative, secure, convenient and most reliable services empowering the Hotels businesses through tens of applications including:
ePalm Access Control, Time Attendance, Single Sign-On, Monitoring & Evaluation, Front Desk Services, Digital Booking, Digital Check-in, Hotels App, Access Control – Rooms, and Safe Boxes Solution.

ePalm Parking Solutions
A new era of identification using biometrics allowing the users to link and register their vehicles under the ePalm Technology, the user will be able to select their linked vehicles without the need to manually enter its details and accordingly process the payment through the Parking eWallet or even their linked bank account/card. Even parking with access-controlled gates, the user will be able to enter by scanning their Palm to be identified and the same applies on exiting, allowing a direct identification and process for their payments.

ePalm Cybersecurity Solutions
Accessing the employees Computers, will be by scanning the palm veins instead of entering credentials “Username and Password” which could be easily hacked, stolen or forgotten.
Accordingly, the ePalm SSO Module enforce the most secure layers preventing information leaking, hacking, fraud and thefts etc…

ePalm Identification Solutions

Identifying Humans is required for all life matters while the ePalm Technology is applicable for thousands of use cases and accordingly, the technology creates huge opportunities in the market.
The ePalm Identification Solutions could be used in: Universities, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Embassies, Corporates, Insurance Companies, Airlines, Schools, etc…